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The 1st edition of the International Photographic Art Salon of Highland Banat  is open to amateur and professional photographers around the world that are invited to participate with digital images or digitalized black and white or color images.

Acceptances in this exhibition are eligible for GPU, ICS and AAFR Distinctions.

The salon is held uder the patronge Global Photographic Union no. L170092,  Image Colleague Society no. 2017/107, Asociatiei Artistilor Fotografi din Romania no. 016/2017 and Societatii Romane de Arta Fotografica no. 4/2017.

The International Photographic Art Salon of Highland Banat is organized by Foto Club Banatul Montan.


  • a) – open color
  • b) – open monochrome

Each entrant may submit a maximun 4 images in one section. The target acceptance rate will be between 25% and 35% in each section. The jury will accord a total of 52 Awards.


* In each section there will be awarded:

  • – GPU gold, silver and bronze medals + 2 GPU Honorable mentions;
  • – ICS gold medals + 2 ICS Honorable mentions;
  • – AAFR gold, silver and bronze medals + 3 AAFR Honorable mentions;
  • – SRAF gold, silver and bronze medals + 3 SRAF Honorable mentions;
  • – Salon gold, silver and bronze medals + 3 Salon Honorable mentions;
  • – Chairman choice.

* the special prize for „best author” conferred by Foto Club Banatul Montan.

* the artist who has most acceptances in the salon is declared “best author” and his name will be mentioned in the catalogue of the Salon. In the case of two or more authors with the same number of acceptances, the jury will make an irrevocable decision.

* The participants who will recieve prizes and will not be present at he inauguration of the exhibition cannot pick up the prizes at another occasion with the exception of the diplomas and medals.Transport expenses for the participants are not supported.

* The salon is organized under the GPU, ICS, AAFR and SRAF rules.

The jury reserves the right to grant additional awards depend on the total number of the entrants. Each author can receive only one award in each section. The decision of the Jury is final and irrevocable.


* Submitting the photographs, can only be made via internet on http://fotobanat.ro/

* Each participant can submit a maximum of 4 photographs at each section.

* Each participant must be the author of the photography submitted to the salon and must have ownership rights over the work.

* A participant can not submit the same photograph or similar photographs in both sections.

* A photograph can be rejected when the jury considers that the photograph does not meet the criteria stated in the rules of the salon.

* The members of the jury will judge without having any information regarding the name of the author or his country of origin.


ONLINE ENTRY FORM (preferred method)
Authors must fill out an Online Entry Form on the official website and submit entries online on our Entry Form 

POSTAL MAIL Burned on CD/DVD, along with the entry form and entry fee, sent to the postal mail. Images should have the same size as the online registration. The exhibition has no responsibility for loss or damage during postal transport.

Address: Flavian Savescu, B-dul A.I.Cuza, Nr. 15, Ap. 4, Resita, 320108, Romania
Download Entry Form from here.

If, for some reason, you can not send your pictures, please e-mail Exhibition Chairman and we will find a solution: flavian_s@yahoo.com


  • Photos must be in jpeg format.
  • Dimensions:
    • maximum image width (horizontal) is 1400 pixels
    • maximum image heigh (vertical) is 1050 pixels
  • File size is maximum 1 MB.
  • Smaller image are accepted.

* Along with submitting the photograph, each participant certifies the authenticity of his work and the fact that he is the only author. Furthermore, each participant grants royalty free permission to use the photography for the purpose of publishing it in the catalogue of the salon and for promotional materials for the salon.


* Each author will encode images as they want.


* The participation fee is paid once and is mandatory for all participants in both sections, in the sum of:

  • – 12 EUR for the participants from the EU countries,
  • – 15 USD for participants from other countries,
  • – 40 RON for the participants from Romania and the Republic of Moldova.

Participation fee can be paid via PayPal (prefered method) at the address: contest@fotobanat.ro or via wired transfer.

The bank account’s details:
Account owner name: Asociatia Foto Club Banatul Montan,
Swift code: CIF 34385742,
IBAN bank account nr.: RO85BPOS11011798012RON02,
Bank name: Banc Post Reșița, Romania

Entry fee is mandatory for every participant. The works of the participants who did not pay the fee would not be taken into consideration.


The photographs received will be judged by a valid jury composed of:

Eugen Negrea, AFIAP – România

Mircea Anghel, AFIAP – Romania

Nelu Scripciuc, AFIAP – România


Flavian Savescu, GPU Aphrodite, GPU Crown 2, AFIAP, Art.AAFR, FICS, AUSPA, Hon. PESGSPC, GPU representative in Romania


  • Deadline for submitting the photographs: 08.10.2017
  • Judging: 11-13.10.2017
  • Communicating the results: 24.10.2017
  • Opening of the exhibition: 19.11.2017
  • Sending the prizes: 15.01.2018


* Each participant will receive via e-mail a notification regarding its own results.

* The honors list of the salon will be made public on http://fotobanat.ro/


* All awarded photographs and a wide selection of acceptances will be printed in 30 x 45 format and presented in an exhibition that will take place in Reșița, at the Horatiu Vornica Exhibition Hall of Culture House RESITA.


* the digital catalogue of the salon will be distributed via e-mail to all authors that have entries in the contest. The DVD version will be handed out to all those that will be present at the inaugauration of the exhibition.


* For further details fell free to contact the salon director Flavian Savescu, GPU Aphrodite, GPU Crown 2, AFIAP, Art.AAFR, FICS, AUSPA, Hon. PESGSPC at the following e-mail adress contact@fotobanat.ro.